His & Hers <3
Happy 5 year / Engagement
Yay for interracial relaitonships!
Photo Credit: Shadai Gary <3
Happy 5 year / Engagement.
Yay for interracial relationships!
Photo Credit: Shadai Gary <3
YAY for Interracial Relationships =D | LOVE<3 11.16.06 
Photo Credit: Shadai Gary <3
His & Mine <3
Photo Credit: Shadai Gary
True Love <3
Photo Credit to Shadai Gary

HAPPY 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO ME AND MY WONDERFUL FIANCE !!! I couldn’t be happier with anyone else! He is my bestfriend, and I definitely look forward to spending the rest of my life with you! Mahal Kita ♥ .. i thought i’d repost this video i made for our 4 years last year… enjoy =]

Wedding color pallete. Purples - Aqua/Blues - Black - Silver… Maybe hints of pink not sure yet .
So on Friday, I tried on wedding dresses at my auntie’s house… she used to own a bridal store, but ended up closing it. She had put all her dresses in storage, so she let me try on a few. Originally she was going to give it to me for a discount, but she ended up giving it to me for FREE! FREE WEDDING DRESS? Can’t get any better! lolz… Neither of the pictures above is the dress that I chose, but I did end up choosing the 1st one i tried on =]…I wish i could post the one i picked, but you silly geese forget that Kevin (my fiance) then would be able to see it! WHICH IS FORBIDDEN!! haha but it’s really hard not to show him.. anyways, the dress i chose just needs to be altered n dry cleaned n then i’m good to go! … The wedding dress was NOT the most important thing on my list like it is for most women… I care more about how the wedding is going to look… as long as my dress is pretty and I look good in it, i’m happy! Otherwise, i’d never find the most “PERFECT” dress… the one i chose was free, and I am completely happy with it =D
Our 5 Years will be next month on the 16th =D <3
Anddd guess what! i try on wedding dresses tomorrow! YAY!

The big dayy…

Me and kevin looked at a possible venue for the reception today! I’ve seen beautiful pictures of wedding ceremonies and receptions at this place and have been waiting for the chance to actually go look at it! … well today i got that chance, and it definitey stole both of our hearts the moment we stepped inside! it isnt available on the wedding date we wanted, which was a saturday in august of 2012.. but we’ll change it to a friday instead! cant wait to book it ! =D